Transaction Workflow

The front office:

Registering the request or task commissioned by the Land Registry and submitting it to the Head of Department.

The Head of Department:

Reviewing the transaction’s information and documents, assigning employees and preparing for the survey appointment.

The front office:

Printing the appointment, printing the file’s information, fine-tuning the survey file and sending it to the surveyor.

The surveyor:

Extracting the adequate information related to the survey (estate or division), sending it to the front office, preparing the technical report and sending it to the draftsman.

The draftsman:

Executing the drawing and sending it to the controller.

The controller:

Controlling and signing the amendments.

The front office:

Preparing the invoice and printing copies of the transactions.

The Head of the Department:

Approving, rejecting or signing the transaction and sending it to the front office to deposit it at the Land registry.

The front office:

After the approval of the Land Registry, printing a notice and sending it to the Archives Division.

The Archives:

Archiving the documents.