Registry Offices

There are 17 land registry offices distributed in the governorates and districts over the Lebanese territory. Each one includes the following:

The registrar: represents the higher authority of the land registry office. She/He is solely and personally responsible of making decisions related to all real estate transactions, and she/he is the only person who can reject or accept any operation or request in accordance with the law.

The assistant registrar: whose mission is to assist the Registrar in auditing, authenticating and signing the transactions and entries registered on the title registry, titles deeds and computer.

The area officer: in charge of receiving, studying and registering the public’s registration requests on both the manual and automated journal, in addition to listening to contracts being read aloud by the concerned parties, issuing and receiving invoices of the due fees, and transmitting the transactions to the secretary.

The registration or data entry clerk: in charge of registering entries on the title register in conjunction with the computer and getting them ready to be signed by the registrar as well as his assistant. He is also responsible of issuing documents for the public (title deeds, affidavits, certificate of mortgage registration, etc).

The secretary: His/Her responsibilities are receiving all incoming and outgoing transactions by mail or those addressed to and from the registry office, in addition to receiving assignments to perform technical operations at the Cadastre Department and submitting them to the registrar for decision.

The archivist: in charge of storing and classifying the transactions’ documents in the files which are kept at the warehouse.