Launching the new mobile application LRC

Under the patronage and the presence of H.E. the Minister of Finance Mr. Ali Hassan Khalil and the Director General of GDLRC Mr. George Maarrawi, GDLRC launched on the 25th of October 2017 the new mobile application (LRC), which includes 6 electronic services that provide the best and easiest service possible for real estate operations. These services will ease on the Lebanese citizen the commuting burdens to inquire about transactions.

The six services are summarized as follows:

1. Viewing title register: Acquires information about the digital title register.

2. Transaction tracking: Tracks the status of the transaction.

3- Fee simulation: Calculates the approximate fees to be paid.

4. Title Register changes: A service that sends a push notification and an email to the concerned parties about any new transaction registered on the title register, or any new title deed issuance.

5. Ownership Req. tracking: Tracks the status of the ownership affidavit application.

6. Paid invoices: Displays the invoice details of the last transaction done on a certain property.